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Best VPN Apps For Android smartphone and tablet

When it comes to safety and security with the internet you want to know that when your browsing or social media indulging  you like to think  that your in safe hands ,  from internet banking to login on into your  personal  accounts you like to think that no one is watching what you do .Think…
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could mobile phone networks have major blackouts soon and when?

Britain will suffer mobile phone blackouts — where parts of the country could lose a signal for up to a fortnight — if Boris Johnson orders telecoms giants to rip out equipment from the Chinese supplier Huawei. Two of Britain’s biggest companies, BT and Vodafone, are lobbying fiercely against moves by some Conservative MPs to…
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PlayStation 5 Gameplay and what games to expect ((Ps5))

The PlayStation   has decided to reschedule its ps5 games event due the conflict and rioting  in the United States. Sony was due to live-stream on june 4th with a whooping  hour of PS5 game content and game play , showcasing footage from some of the biggest players in the  games industry  from well known developers to…
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wheres the best place to rent and live that’s affordable ?

when your on a budget and looking for low cost accommodation  the cheapest properties are definitely  not in London where rent can be on the up  and in some cases you might be paying  £757 a month in rent  depending on your personal preference. thats nearly £300 more than the national average. The cheapest places in…
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Benefits of renting through an letting agencies

Using an agent will help make sure that your experience is up to standard and will give you the reassurance that there is a professional on hand.  The agent will be employed to find a tenant and may also be managing the property for the duration of the tenancy meaning they will be your ongoing…
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when renting or finding or new place to live can make you feel a bit unease about the whole thing .many people move for all types of reasons  from needing more space or job related matters or even siblings wanting to flee the nest and become self independent’ and that means finding a new place…
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