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wheres the best place to rent and live that’s affordable ?

when your on a budget and looking for low cost accommodation  the cheapest properties are definitely  not in London where rent can be on the up  and in some cases you might be paying  £757 a month in rent  depending on your personal preference. thats nearly £300 more than the national average. The cheapest places in…
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Benefits of renting through an letting agencies

Using an agent will help make sure that your experience is up to standard and will give you the reassurance that there is a professional on hand.  The agent will be employed to find a tenant and may also be managing the property for the duration of the tenancy meaning they will be your ongoing…
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Tesco Mobile ANNOUNCES DOUBLE-data deals on apple and huawei smartphones

if you love your data Tesco Mobile has  announced double-data deals on a range of Huawei and Apple smartphones, including the iPhone 6 and 7. Starting at just £18.49 per month, on a 36-month Anytime Upgrade Flex contract, the iPhone 6 is available with 2GB of data (instead of 1GB), 5000 minutes and 5000 texts…
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water rates and how their calculated

How do water suppliers  work out how much to charge you in your next water bill ? Water companies calculate your domestic water bills in one of two ways: Unmetered you pay a set amount for your domestic water and sewage service, regardless of how much you use. This is based on the rateable value (RV)…
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how to choose a good credit card for you when you have bad credit

  how to choose a good credit card for you when you have bad credit Credit cards can be a convenient addition to any wallet or purse. They can be used to spread the cost of a one-off purchase like a holiday, or for everyday expenses like online shopping and groceries. There are many different…
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how to handle dept’s and seek the right advice

Debt Getting into dept can make you worried and stressful, and can quickly get out of control  you might even tried to avoid making payments to the company that want there money back.  in many cases this can make your situation much worst  . word to the the wise nipping things in the bud is…
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