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Check USCIS case status for USCIS visa and immigration cases

You must be aware that the U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that manages the lawful US immigration process. All US immigration related forms need to be filed with the USCIS. Checking US immigration case status: As part of the US immigration process, once you send the completed application package to the…
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Know more about Unlawful presence and bans through an immigration Lawyers firm in NYC

The federal immigration rules in the United States have been devised in order to deter any unlawful entry or immigrants overstaying on their visas. Thousands of immigrants from around the globe call New York City their home. They may require help with complicated immigration matters from time to time. An immigration lawyers NYC firm provides…
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Immigration Questions & Answers

More Immigration questions please visit : 15% of “British” Muslims acknowledge they support the slaughter of British troops, will others agree but not own up it?… How on earth can we mark out anyone as a ‘British’ muslim. Anyone so mistakenly labelled is most definitely a ‘foreign resident of the UK’. The singular…
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Hire Attorney for Non Immigration Visa

Students, professionals and families love to travel from one country to another for studies, pleasure and business. To stay temporarily or permanently everyone requires completing few documentation processes that involves various terms and conditions. Such documentation that holds few terms and conditions for visiting countries are known as visas. There are mainly two types of…
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New Zealand Immigration tightens student visa rules

  Immigration New Zealand has announced significant changes to requirements for the study to work visa and student policies that will come into effect from 25 July 2011. The changes have been done to attract more genuine students, and facilitate pathways to work and residence for highly skilled graduates.   The changes to New Zealand…
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